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Structural Sealing

Additional Structural Sealing

Innovative liquid polymer systems have years of proof for their effectiveness in additional sealing of structures in contact with the soil. It is possible to apply an additional external seal from the inside of a building, without having to lay it open.
Thanks to continuous developments, acrylate gels, for example, are now used over many standard injection materials and can be applied under load conditions from "rising damp" to "pressurised water".

We have concentrated on specialising in sealing structures in contact with the soil and we carry out planning and monitoring of these additional seals. IBE is a specialist planner for gelling measures at Deutsche Bahn AG.

Sealings in New Structures

After years of experience in additional structural sealing, we offer our clients preventive sealing planning in their new buildings.

For decades, faults in structural sealing have resulted in by far the most frequently occurring and most expensive structural damage. Although planning any type of structural sealing requires the planner to have extensive detailed knowledge, even difficult points of detail are not given sufficient consideration during planning and tendering, with the practical result of common damage.

Forward-thinking building owners are therefore increasingly starting to separately assign sealing planning in new buildings to IBE. As sealing planning must be logical in itself over the entire building, we specify the type of materials and their applications. Examples for the areas we work in include white and black baths, internal seals in food and sanitary areas, containers for storing various liquids, travelled and untravelled roof seals and sealing under green roofs.

The seals are planned in detail, so the building operator on the site has a visual representation for every connection and transition.