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Concrete Remediation

In Germany and Europe in the last fifty years, numerous reinforced concrete constructions of various structural types and uses have been produced. As with all building materials, even reinforced concrete is subject to aging as a result of weathering and usage, which is evident from many symptoms of damage. Furthermore, there is also damage resulting from lack of care on the building site.

Remediation is frequently required particularly for the following reinforced concrete structures:
Irrespective of whether a project concerns an industrial floor damaged by mechanical or chemical stress, a septic tank attacked by biogenous sulphuric acid, or a multi-storey car park that is heavily contaminated with chloride by road salt that has been brought in, all these cases demand the specialised experience of a competent planner. Here, the issue is not only the application of the valid guidelines and the generally recognised rules of the technology, but rather the competent planner must also definitively recognise the causes of the damage in order to be able to develop preventive protective measures.

IBE specialises in investigation, examination and remediation planning with all service phases in the areas of concrete remediation and surface protection.

Our aim is to develop both damage remediation and a working concept to protect the structural components for the entire duration of remaining usage.

With our experience, we are able to show the clients technically perfected and economically attractive remediation concepts.