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Structural sealing with AQUAPRESS injection system®-Injektionssystem
(PDF format, 276 kb)
Bautenschutz und Bausanierung (structural preservation and structural remediation), issue 01/94

CFRP Slats
Additional strengthening of concrete structural components with carbon fibre reinforced polymer slats
"Beton" (concrete), issue 04/97

Carbon fibre reinforced polymer, the new building material for additional strengthening of concrete structural components
"Bauingenieur" (civil engineer), issue 06/97

Slats: easy, quick and cheap
Deutsches IngenieurBlatt (German engineering journal), issue 10/97

Carbon fibre slats for reinforcing supporting structures
Bausanierung (structural remediation), special edition 02/98

Acrylate gel soil stabilisation for repairing mechanical breakdowns
(PDF format, 73 kb)
Tunnel 06/98

Structural reinforcement with CFRP slats
(PDF format, 309 kb)
Restoration of a stormwater retention tank
"Beton" (concrete), issue 07/98

Remediation examples with acrylate gel in tunnel construction
First Leipzig conference on structural damage of 10.11.1998
Leaks in buildings and structural components

Peculiarities of the CFRP authorisation for the processor
IBK construction symposium 241 of 11.03.1998
Repair and strengthening of supporting structures

Jagdberg Tunnel in Thuringia - Injection Structures
Injection structures in the Jagdberg Tunnel serve to collect and remove underground water, which might possibly be aggressive to concrete.
Planning, execution and monitoring.
(PDF-Format, 1345 kb)
Tunnel 5/2013