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Brief CV for Jörg de Hesselle

Dipl.-Ing. Eur Ing Jörg de Hesselle, born in 1964, studied civil engineering specialising in water resources management at Cologne technical college.
From 1990 Mr de Hesselle was employed at Strabag Bau-AG in Iraq, at JV-Basrah International Airport, working with concrete remediation and preparation measures for cathodic corrosion protection. From 1991 to 1996, Mr de Hesselle then worked as site manager and later as manager of the remediation and structural protection department for STRABAG Bau-AG in Frankfurt. At this time, he dealt with parking deck and bridge sealing as well as with sealing structures in contact with the soil. Following this, he held the position of technical manager at BBZ GmbH injection and sealing technology in Krefeld, which specialises in the production and processing of sealing materials.
Engineering company IBE, founded by Dipl.-Ing. Jörg de Hesselle, has been operating since the end of 1996.


SIVV certificate - polymers processing in concrete construction

Training seminar on "optimisation of the construction management tasks" at the Institut für Arbeits- und Baubetriebswissenschaft (institute for work and construction studies)

WHG certificate - responsible expert in water management law

Member of WTA (Wissenschaftlich Technischer Arbeitskreis für Denkmalpflege und Bausanierung e.V. - scientific technical task force for the preservation of monuments and structural remediation)

Participation in the following task forces
AG 4.4.: Requirements for injection materials
AG 4.7.: Additional mechanical horizontal lock
AG 4.9.: Additional sealing of components of structures in contact with the soil
AG 4.11.: Masonry damp measuring

Task force leader
AG 5.20 Gel injection into structural seals

DIN 18195 part 7 guest status

Authorised specialist planner for gelling measures at Deutsche Bahn AG

Qualified leader for adhering CFRP slats

Construction industry mediator according to SO-Bau
German law academy

STUVA task force: ABI - structural sealing by injection
Task force spokesperson